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Autism support groups in South Africa

Autism support groups in South Africa: “It is never too late to expand the mind of a person on the autism spectrum”- Dr Temple Grandin The Star Academy aims to support families, care givers and the community with pupils who are on the autism spectrum with Autism support groups in South Africa. The organization provides […]


Autism spectrum disorder treatment

Autism spectrum disorder treatment The amount of progress that can be expected in autism spectrum disorder treatment is still a topic of debate, however there is much evidence supporting  effective autism treatment. The synergy between various therapies, as well as biomedical interventions have also proven effective in autism treatment. In South Africa, medication tends to […]


Autism Specialist

Autism Specialist For continued employment at The Star Academy, staff are equipped and required to achieve and maintain their  Board Certification as an Autism Technician (BCAT) from the Behaviour Intervention Certification Council (BICC) in the United States. The BICC strive to provide the highest standard of treatment to those who have Autism Spectrum Disorder. This […]