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Challenging Children: How to Help Your Family Thrive

In this episode of “Challenging Children”, Olwethu Nodata talks to Ilana Gertschlowitz, founder of the Star Academy, autism activist, author and a super mom, about the family dynamic. If you have a family member with challenging behaviour, learn how to create an environment that will help them grow to their full potential by teaching them […]

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The power of ABA in treating autism

Every child receives one-on-one instruction in order to shape their development. ABA is an evidence-based instruction that uses positive reinforcement to increase skills, like communication and independence and reduce behaviours, like aggression and tantrums. This means that we use what a child loves to teach them the developmental skills they missing. Decades of research, supports […]

Age-Related Changes in Epilepsy Characteristics and Response to Antiepileptic Treatment in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Study by Beliz Su Gundogdu, John Gaitanis, James B. Adams, Daniel A. Rossignol and Richard E. Frye New published paper on seizures in autism provides insight into seizure characteristics and how they affect which seizure treatments are best for different people.   Abstract Despite the high prevalence of epilepsy in individuals with autism spectrum disorder […]