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Clinic school

This article seeks to answer the question: what is the best placement for my child with special needs: a clinic, school, clinic school, or psychiatric institution. The first order of business is to define these concepts. Although there is much overlap, the following definitions will be used for the purposes of this article. A clinic […]

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Boarding schools of autism

Boarding schools of autism : Pros and cons and considerations of Boarding schools of autism Boarding schools of autism are institutions that facilities children’s education, contribute to a sense of independence and foster responsibility. They are a pivotal role in contributing to a child’s holistic development. When considering a boarding school for a child on […]

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Boarding schools for high functioning autism

Boarding schools for high functioning autism High-functioning autism (HFA) is a term that is loosely used to describe people with autism without cognitive challenges, with the ability to speak, read and write.  It is not a term formally diagnosed.  Children with high functioning autism tend to exhibit high levels of anxiety, may have motor skills […]


Autistic teenagers

Autistic teenagers Autistic teenagers often represent a dark number in the data. We know all about the little boys and girls being diagnosed daily, but often, when researching the outcome for older children there is a dearth of research articles to help you know what to expect and how to best help your teenager on […]

Autistic meaning

Autistic meaning The adjective autistic to describe someone with the medical condition called autism. The word itself comes from the 1912 German term Autismus, a combination of the Greek autos, “self,” and the adjectival ending istic. Some autistic people are severely disabled, while others have only small challenges. To be Autistic is to have a disorder that affects a person’s ability […]


Autistic child

Autistic child According to the DSM 5 Autism can be defined as a persistent deficit in social communication and social interactions including social – emotional reciprocity, use of non-verbal communicative behaviours used in social interaction and deficits in developing and maintaining relationships as well as restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior, interests or activities. According to […]

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Autistic and Special needs teachers in South Africa

Autistic and Special needs teachers in South Africa The Star Academy in South Africa is the most successful international affiliate of the Centre for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) in the United States. The Star Academy has centre-based clinics across South Africa namely Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban. In addition to providing centre-based ABA intervention, The […]