The National Autism Association is pleased to introduce #AutismSOS, 3 simple letters to help parents recognize signals of autism. Spread the word, and help us get more children screened and treated earlier. Parents should look for these signals, and if they look familiar, use the online screening tool at

At 12-18 months:
• More interest in objects than people
• Not giving or returning eye contact
• Not mimicking you or following your lead when playing
• Not wanting to be touched, cuddled, or picked up
At 18-24 months:
• Not wanting to play with you or with other children
• Disliking being touched
• Not understanding or responding to emotional cues, smiles, or expressions

At 12-18 months:
• Looking at their hands or rolling an object over and over
• Staring at objects or visual patterns for long periods
At 18-24 months:
• Rocking, hand flapping, or other repetitive movements
• Obsession with unusual or spinning objects
• A strong need for sameness, order, or routine
• Getting upset by loud sounds, harsh textures, or other sensory disruptions

At 12-18 months:
• Not saying vowels and consonants together for sounds like
“ba ba,” “da da,” or “ta ta”
• Not pointing, reaching, or making sounds to try to communicate
• Not responding to their name
At 18-24 months:
• No 2-word phrases by age 2
• Repeating things over and over without intending to communicate
• Not understanding simple statements or questions