Answering Her Calling

Jenna White is someone who has dedicated her life to the service of others, having found her true life’s calling in working with children with autism spectrum disorder. With a focus on psychology, her extensive qualifications include BA child and family psychology, BA Hons psychology and MMus Music Therapy.

Jenna, who has been working at The Star Academy since its inception in 2009, works as a Supervisor at the Star Academy and is currently completing her coursework and supervised experience so that she is eligible to sit for the BCBA exam later this year, which will make her the highest qualified ABA specialist in the country.

Experience at The Star Academy

“What makes The Star Academy so amazing is the outstanding leadership and guidance, the individualized and constant attention to each case, the camaraderie amongst therapists, and above all the wonderful and unique children with whom I have the privilege to work,” says Jenna.

Through experience, Jenna has learned that the diagnosis of autism pales in comparison to the achievements that can be made through a focus on and development of the abilities of each child. “Every child I have worked with at The Star Academy has taught me something I could not have learned elsewhere. With understanding, dedication and perseverance, the obstacles presented by autism can be overcome.”

Accreditation Achievement

Jenna has also joined The Star Academy team members in receiving BCAT certification for the ABA Board exam completed under the auspices of BICC (Behavioral Intervention Certification Council in America), accrediting her as having achieved mastery of the knowledge of applied behaviour analysis required to work effectively with individuals with autism spectrum disorder.

Invitation to the BICC Board

Additionally, Jenna has been invited to join the BICC Board, a role where she will assist in advancing the organisation’s mission to administer its certification programme in order to regulate the standard of expertise of professionals working with individuals with ASD and to ensure consumer safety.

“More specifically, my role is to help BICC understand the needs of the professionals and of the autism community in Africa,” says Jenna. This includes identifying circumstances that may be unique to Africa which the BICC board can take into consideration in developing additional certifications and scheduling the current exam, etc. Furthermore, Jenna will responsible for providing feedback on the different components involved in BICC’s services, from the website to the exam.

Congratulations, Jenna, from everyone at The Star Academy!