Special needs school

The Star Academy is definitely an interesting place to be – no two days and no two kids are the same. Every day I go in to work I am reminded of how much every child has to offer, often in unexpected ways. I look at the parents and am amazed by the commitment they show in providing their child with a safe place to grow and develop.  How they sometimes claw back from near hopelessness in some cases – parents can be fantastically strong!  I also look at the instructors, and for so many of them this is not a job, it is part of who they have become because these absolutely amazing children have changed their lives.  

When I look at the children, I see super stars that won’t give up. They work every day to take back what they no longer have. Sometimes you will be rewarded with the tightest of hugs and biggest of smiles – those times are awesome.  So much thought, patience and perseverance go into the programmes created at The Star Academy, and as an instructor you become invested in and share every achievement, from a first sound made to asking for help, having conversations and everything in between and thereafter. It is awe-inspiring when all the pieces come together at last and a child has learnt something new.