Message for parents that have a new diagnosis:

You’re here, you have a diagnosis, and it’s brand new. You searched, you asked, they said, – except they didn’t say what you wanted to hear. How can it be? They don’t tick all the boxes on the website you Googled that said ‘signs of autism’. Your heart is shattered – the world around you has slowed down, people talk but you can’t hear – in fact simply breathing is difficult right now. You’ve spent the days since the diagnosis crying, awake, petrified and alone. So you Google again, and again and again, only to feel better that you found a website where your child checked even fewer boxes – so that’s it, the Doctors were wrong …You wake up only to relive the previous day’s fears and questions ( it’s like a movie on repeat ). The truth is the only one that can press play again is YOU … press play. I urge you press play and this is why…

The worst day of your life was not diagnosis day, it was the day you, or some friend, stranger or nursery school teacher pointed out there is something not quite right with your kid ! So blame that day, forget about Googling ‘is my child autistic? Move on and do it fast. A diagnosis is just that, it’s not a sentence; it means you know what’s wrong. Shift that Google search to – how can I help my child with Autism!

In my field as a physiotherapist, diagnosis is important, so that the right treatment and rehabilitation can be implemented to ensure a favourable outcome.

Start fighting for that outcome. Will you worry? Continuously. Will your heart break many more times along the journey? Of course it will, but don’t let fear or lack of professional help hold you back. You’ll meet those who don’t believe in some of the interventions you need to do (they don’t have your decisions to make, so it’s easy for them)

Start searching for the right therapy. This is a necessity. The Star Academy was our go to and has been our rock along this journey.

Biomedical intervention is crucial, get reading and start acting. If you can’t find help here, look abroad. You’re not alone – there are many of us walking alongside you. Reach out for help, my door is always open. The Star Academy’s door is always open. Knowledge is power – your child needs you to be powerful.

Tracy Clarke