Centre for Autism in Mauritius

Affiliated to The Star Academy in South Africa

New Autism Centre In Mauritius

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About Us

Our expert team provide evidence-based instruction to focus on each individual child, in order to enhance their skills and empower their families. We target individualised skills and behaviours, in order to help each child reach their full potential.

What we do

Applied Behavioural Analysis is a treatment method that uses positive reinforcement to increase skills, like communication and independence and reduce behaviours, like aggression and tantrums.

Why Us

Decades of research, indicate that ABA significantly increases expressive and receptive language skills, intelligence scores and social skills. In addition, we see a reduction in maladaptive behaviours like tantrums and aggression.

Our Service

  • We design individualised programs for children with autism aged 17 months – late teens.
  • We provide qualified ABA tutors.
  • Home sessions or school facilitation.

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