WAVERLEY – Read how The Star Academy is making a difference in the lives of the disadvantaged through their outreach programme.


The Star Academy has partnered with Tembisa Hospital to help families in the community affected by autism.

This was done through the Tembisa Outreach Programme.

Akil Seema, manager and supervisor at The Star Academy explained that the programme was started after the hospital’s psychology department approached them. “The department was inundated with parents coming in with their kids and although they [staff of the department] suspected autism, they were not really able to help them because of various factors hindering them,” he said.

“They then reached out to us and we decided that it was something very important for us to do, to reach out and uplift the community.”

Seema added that they helped out by providing training for the department and showing them how the programme worked.

He added that the academy hoped the programme would continue and eventually become a stand-alone initiative that would help parents who have autistic children.

The Star Academy, based in Waverley, is an educational centre focused on providing autistic children or those with a related disorder with appropriate expertise.