Nourishing hope for autism – Julie Mathews

FOOD and NUTRITION matter for children with autism. Nourishing Hope for Autism explains WHY and HOW.

Julie Matthews, widely respected autism nutritionist, provides intense research and extensive clinical nutrition experience in this comprehensive guide. Readers are given practical steps for dietary intervention and a roadmap for getting started, evolving, and customizing the varied approaches.

Parents & Caregivers, Physicians & Nutritionists will learn the following:

* A clear understanding of why diet affects behavior, cognitive ability, symptoms.
* The scientific rationale for autism diets and supplementation.
* Positive effects of autism-specific nutrition and biochemistry and healing.
* How to choose a diet, get started, measure effectiveness, reach goals.
* Dietary options; including GFCF, SCD/GAPS, Body Ecology, Feingold, Low Oxalate, & more.
* Creative ways to help picky eaters with kid-approved strategies

Nourishing Hope for Autism is the most comprehensive and helpful guide to Autism Nutrition and Dietary Intervention. In easy to understand terms, the author explains the impact of nutrition on the biochemistry of children with autism and how special autism diets affect healing.

Readers will understand the connection between certain foods, the digestive system, and the influences on the child’s brain. Parents and autism physicians around the world are using Nourishing Hope for Autism to guide their nutrition/diet focused interventions that help bring about real recovery results—improvement in cognitive ability, physical pain, digestive problems, rashes, speech, eye contact and aggression.

This book is a must have reference for autism diet success.