PANS is a misdirected immune response with an ABRUPT onset or worsening of OCD and/or restricted eating with at least TWO of these:

  • Anxiety, Separation Anxiety
  • Emotional Lability and/or Depression
  • Irritability, Aggression and/or Severe Oppositional Behaviors
  • Behavioral/Developmental Regression
  • Sudden Deterioration of School Performance
  • Motor or Sensory Abnormalities, including Tics
  • Somatic Signs and Symptoms, including Sleep Disturbances, Enuresis or Urinary Frequency/Urgency

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Dr. Nancy O’Hara is a board-certified pediatrician who specializes in treating PANS, PANDAS and BGE and other neurodevelopmental disorders. She is a leading trainer and mentor of clinicians in the US and globally, educating medical professionals to recognize, diagnose and treat PANS, PANDAS and BGE.