Private Remedial Schools Cape Town

Private Remedial Schools Cape Town

Private Remedial Schools Cape Town: Seeking private remedial schools, Cape Town, is a daunting quest when beginning your search. Before you begin your search, whether it be private remedial schools Cape Town, or private remedial schools, in South Africa, it is best to be equipped with the knowledge, understanding and options for what your child requires, whether it be additional or full time, one – on – one sessions, home tutoring and / or sessions or in fact a private remedial school in Cape Town or anywhere across the country.

First and foremost, understand why you have been presented with the knowledge that your child needs a Private Remedial Schools Cape Town, is it because:

  1. Has your child received a diagnosis?
  2. Does your child exhibit challenging behaviours?
  3. Does your child have difficulty following instructions from his / her teacher/s or family members?
  4. Is your child able to have his or her needs met, vocally or with a communication device?
  5. Does your child need extra support in the classroom?

If your answer to the above questions are “yes”, you may very well be searching for a private remedial school in Cape Town, however, this is not your only option. With an invested Supervisor, a team of instructors and a program, tailor made for your child a private remedial school, may not be the answer.

Based on the above, facilities such as The Star Academy, are able to provide the support your child needs, with regards to strengthening and teaching your child’s skills across several domains and to aid you in the decision, to enter a remedial school, mainstream school or one-on-one sessions, to name a few:

  1. Language Skills: The purpose of language skills and lessons are to increase communication, communicative intent, and language functioning of the individual, thereby reducing challenging behaviors that often occur due to lack of appropriate communication skills. Language must always be regarded in 2 domains, namely, receptive language and expressive language.
  2. Executive Functioning Skills: The ability to allow individuals to organize and plan their thoughts and actions, in the school, home or social setting. The purpose of these skills are to improve your child’s ability to better integrate and apply their skills and thoughts across all environments to be an active and successful member of a classroom.
  3. Academic Skills: To assist and equip your child with the help to achieve the skills necessary to succeed in academic settings and to meet minimal milestones that will facilitate social interaction and language development.
  4. Social Skills: To build confidence, understanding and importance of social communication and social interaction of your child in various settings, such as home, school or in the community.

Some may be of the recommendation that private remedial schools Cape Town, is the only way forward. Some factors to consider before your child leaves a mainstream school / attends remedial schooling:

  1. What is the size of the class?
  2. How is the teachers interaction with the class members?
  3. If your child requires 1:1 intervention, would the school be flexible in terms of the hours they attend school?
  4. Have you discussed an Individualised Education Plan for your child, understanding that with the “White Paper 6” Document, your child is eligible for mainstream schooling and not only remedial schooling?
  5. Is your child able to understand instructions, able to communicate their needs, able to imitate what his / her peers?
  6. Is the private remedial school or mainstream school open to collaboration from other professionals?

Al these factors play a role in deciding the best future for your child, with the knowledge of the above, it is important to know that whether you choose a private remedial school Cape Town, or a service provider such as The Star Academy, to teach and increase skill deficits across the 8 domains of human functioning and to decrease inappropriate behaviours, it is possible to have the support of a dedicated team to improve your child’s future.

Amber Brooke – Smith