Schools for autistic kids


When a child is first diagnosed with autism, a parent feels as if their whole world has just come crashing down on them. The thought of school and their child’s first spelling test and awards day becomes a mere fantasy. That is until parents begin to educate themselves about autism and how their child is still able to lead a normal life and that includes attending a mainstream school if possible.

Autistic children are able to go to school with the aid of a qualified facilitator. Many schools have opened their doors to children with autism and are very proactive in working hand in hand with facilitators and schools such as the star academy to help ensure a successful future for children on the spectrum. Attending school becomes less and less of a challenge with the right help and with the cooperation of a school who is willing to help in guiding the child in the right direction. Using applied behaviour analysis, we at the star academy conduct school facilitation in a manner that allows the child to be assisted but also to teach them to begin handling copious amounts of work and activities on their own. We also assist by giving helping teachers to be able to better handle the students who are autistic in a way that is not harmful to either person.

Having their child be in school is a goal for any parents, but it is the proudest moment of a parent who’s child has ASD and has just been accepted to be in grade one at a mainstream school! Although not all children are able to be accepted into mainstream school, we do not shy away from them being in a remedial school if that is what is best suited to them. Our message is just that every child must be viewed in their own rite, and not just randomly assigned to schools for autistic kids.

There has been much more knowledge about autism that has been spread throughout schools in recent years, so much so that in Soweto a new school for autistic kids has been opened with highly skilled teachers and a principle who is passionate about the concept behind their school. The opening of this school for autistic kids falls in line with the promise that was made by the education department to open 18 new special needs schools. The school is autism specific and their student range from between the ages of three and twenty-one years old and were brought together from surrounding schools so to hone into their specific cases. Schools for autistic kids are becoming more accessible, be it for a child that is able to cope well in a mainstream school, to a child who needs constant assistance, schools for autistic kids are now becoming a thing of the very bright future.