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The miracle of Aaron – A story of hope

When Aaron was 17 months old, he lost the words he could say. He started to spin the wheels of the toy cars, lost his eye contact, ran around in circles and became unreachable.
At the time, my oldest son David, was 10 years old. We’d already watched the movie of autism, so we knew what to expect.
Aaron received 7 hours a day of ABA for 4 years. We consulted a number of biomedical doctors, who helped us save him too. Understanding his genetics, helped guide a treatment protocol. Knowing what supplements to give him and in the correct doses, glutathione IVs, regulating glutamate and reducing inflammation, were a few of the treatments that helped Aaron get better.
Yesterday, we attended his school concert. It was the Grade 4 Pesach Sedar. As the kids started singing the morning prayers, I cried and cried. The tears rolled down my face and I couldnt stop crying. It was a very emotional moment for me. We almost lost him. All that trauma came flooding back. The days we just didnt know….. how his story would end.
Today, Aaron attends a mainstream school and is passing his grades. When we lost him, he lost his speech. It took hours upon hours of hard work and dedication to get him back. I still cant believe, what we were able to achieve. His progress and healing is a miracle.
May our journey with autism bring you much hope! It’s possible to recover from autism. Its possible for the kids to regain their lost speech. Its all possible! It’s possible to achieve, what may at first, seem impossible. Its on days like this, that I have to thank the experts who fought in his corner. His ABA team, who never once doubted him or what we could achieve. Jacky Sepulveda Iana Tchoukanska And a big thank you to Dr Doreen Granpeesheh, who has changed the lives of thousands of children for the better including Aaron. Without her years of work in the field of autism and without her coming to our rescue, saving Aaron, would never have been possible.