The Yellow Canaries of Tembisa

Outreach program

Children with autism are the yellow canaries of our world, sending us a very important message. The message is that our world is simply too toxic, increasing both local and global prevalence of the condition.

Imagine losing your perfectly normal looking baby to a condition called autism which can be a debilitating diagnosis left untreated. Autism could mean that a child is lacking in the basic skills to function as a human being. It could mean that your child can’t speak, can’t sleep, struggles to eat, won’t go to school or have friends or lead an independent life.

Often these children engage in severe aggressive behaviour as they have no way of communicating their frustration and the pain they experience in their inflamed bodies. They are trapped unable to communicate their needs and feelings. Can you imagine not being able to speak for even just one day? How would u communicate that you are hungry or thirsty or that you feel sick or sore? For parents who don’t know how to treat autism or don’t have the finances to give their children the much needed medical and educational intervention it means fear and despair. It means a living hell!

When I learnt of parents in Tembisa giving up their food portion for the day to pay for transport to bring their autistic child to the Tembisa Hospital for speech therapy I knew I had to act immediately to help them.

The Star Academy which is a public benefit organisation and a company not for profit has started the Tembisa Outreach Programme to assist children with autism in this poverty stricken township. Through our team’s deep commitment, we have trained residents in Tembisa in our Star Academy teaching methodology to uplift the lives of both parents and their children.

Be part of our upliftment programme by making a donation, no matter how big or small to assist in raising the R500 000.00 for our team to bring hope to these families and to give these children a voice.

Help us change the course of autism for these children and their families. We need your help to teach them the basic skills to function as human beings. In South Africa there are no government grants or medical insurance to alleviate their suffering. Help us give these children a voice by unclipping their wings, so that they can have the chance to fly as high as they are able to go.

For more information on the star academy go to Please put Tembisa and your telephone number as reference.

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