Special needs school

I walked through the door and saw a boy who couldn’t walk. I saw another boy who couldn’t talk. I walked out that door, came back the next day and started training at The Star Academy. The next time I walked through the doors, I saw things very differently.

I realized that what I had seen were not boys who couldn’t walk or boys who couldn’t talk. What I saw on that first day were boys learning to walk and talk and do so many other things. These boys were being taught so many things that I took for granted.

Sometime thereafter I walked through those same doors at that same center and saw the same boys. This time I had learnt so much that I hadn’t realized before. This time, the first boy walked past me and kicked a ball. This time, the other boy said “I want to go outside”.

My world was forever a better place. I saw how the work we do at The Star academy makes these young children’s worlds so much better. The Star Academy has shown me that I can make a difference in other people’s lives. We work to give children a better life. We work to give parents a better life. The Star Academy has shown me that a glass is never half empty, it is just a glass that I can help make completely full.