Welcome back! – May 2019

Parents of children with autism have abnormal stress levels and anxiety. We have so much more to arrange, co ordinate, think about and manage. Always having to be one step ahead the days are long and the fight against autism often on-going. The battle is hard but the victories are worthwhile and sweet.

How do we explain to extended family and friends what a day is like in our shoes?

Overnight we are expected to become an expert chef. All of a sudden sugar, gluten and dairy is forbidden and literally labelled as poison. As if its not hard enough to fill a child’s lunch box at the best of time, we are now expected to conjure up magic and fill lunchboxes with healthy food.  Most of the time the children are picky eaters and refuse to eat the food we slogged over to prepare not to mention the cost.

Going out in public can be challenging as we dodge the stiff glares and comments about being bad parents because our child is having a memorable tantrum on the floor in the shop for everyone to see. We look for cover but there is no where to hide and no where to escape. Its too late everyone is watching the scene unfold. Many of us are too familiar with these scenarios where we wish we weren’t subjected to the harsh reality autism has created for us.

As if this is not enough, we have to become medical doctors over night,  having to read a couple of textbooks to try to decipher and break the autism code. Trying desperately to rescue our children from the claws of autism we make doctors appointments, follow special diets and are faced with pills pills and more pills. How on earth are the children meant to swallow so many pills?

These are all questions I’ve grappled with, doors I’ve broken down, codes I’ve deciphered and challenges I’ve faced and overcame.

Its been 15 and a half years since autism cruelly stole my child from me. I still lie awake at night planning my next move -like a hunter stalks their prey. I study every move autism makes as i try to eradicate autism from our lives forever.

Ive been wounded by autism many times. Even the strong and brave can fall down. Even though I get knocked down by autism, I made a decision a very long time ago that I’d always get back up and fight back. I undertook to never, ever surrender!

Dry your tears and put on your boxing gloves! This is not a fight we are willing to loose!

Our team at The Star Academy are ready to go to war for your child. Our secret weapon- Applied Behavior Analysis,  ie evidence based treatment for children with autism and a medical necessity.

Autism is treatable and recovery possible. Visit www.thestaracademy.co.za or call us on 011 440 7796. Our motto at The Star Academy: Reversing autism – one child at a time.

Let the battle begin!

Ilana Gerschlowitz

Director The Star Academy