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The Star Academy: Reversing autism – one child at a time.

Academies are throughout South Africa in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria  and Durban.


Star Academy offers an evidence-based Autism Solution

If you are looking for solutions for children diagnosed with autism spectrum (ASD) or related disorders, we can assist you. We cater for the needs of each individual child and tailor make ABA programmes to suit the schooling needs of each individual child on the autism spectrum. We hope to empower you with the information to guide you in making decisions regarding treatment options and autism schools. Deciding on the best course of action is never an easy decision and we hope that the information on our website will serve as a compass directing your journey along a path that can lead your child to a better future.


Saving my Sons
A journey with Autism

“Saving my sons is the story of a family’s fight against autism  that led to the discovery of a system that helps other families do the same”

NEW book by The Star Academy Director Ilana Gershlowiz

Proceeds go to our Tembisa outreach program the Yellow Canaries
The Star Academy is an NPO, our mission is to reach and help as many families as we can.

“The Star Academy in South Africa is among the most successful CARD affiliate sites. Star Academy has four centre-based clinics in South Africa, with two in Johannesburg, one in Pretoria, and one in Durban. In an effort to disseminate ABA treatment for children with Autism beyond South Africa, Star Academy also maintains its own affiliate sites in Zimbabwe and Ghana. In addition to providing centre-based ABA intervention, Star Academy clinics also provide home, school, and community-based instruction, as well as training for teachers and aides in the classroom environment. Star Academy continues to shine as an example of how high-quality ABA treatment can be disseminated to regions of the world that previously had little to no treatment available.”

Extract from Evidence-Based Treatment for Children with Autism (The Card Model)
by Doreen Granpeesheh, Jonothan Tarbox, Adel C. Najdowski and Julie Kornack.

Proudly affiliated to CARD

World leaders in autism treatment

Our Board Certified Instructors deliver top quality individualised ABA programmes

Challenging behaviors are addressed by implementing a behavior intervention plan as part of each child’s ABA programme. ABA Services are provided at various locations including at the Academy, at home, in the community, at mainstream school or remedial school or elsewhere depending on the specific needs of the child. Some children attend regular or remedial school in the morning and attend an Academy or have home based sessions in the afternoon. Some children attend mainstream school with a trained facilitator provided by the Academy and some children attend the Academy full time.

ABA Services are provided to children Monday to Saturday depending on the scheduling requests of each family and children attending the Academy vary in age ranging from 15 months to 17 years old.


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What next?

The first step to making a difference in your child’s life is as simple as asking for help. Please make an enquiry and we will contact you to set up a consultation appointment with our head office in Johannesburg (either at the centre or via Skype).

The second step is to complete our intake paperwork. Once we have received your completed intake paperwork we will enter your information onto our waiting list. If you do not live near any of our Academies, we may still be able to assist you with ABA services and will put you in touch with our workshop services department.

Children receiving workshop services will be loaded onto the CARD Skills programme and the Star Academy will assist you in recruiting and training a team of ABA Instructors to implement your child’s programme in your area. On-going supervision is provided to children who receive workshop services.


What parents and staff say

Awesome awesome people who are really in this with all their heart / soul and mind. Bringing outstanding results along with the hard work. My granddaughter attends the academy and is doing sooo well.

Val Botha

Really love the school Pretoria branch. I saw differences with my son within 2 weeks after he started there…incredible

Dikeledi Manyane

Working at the Star Academy has been amazing, I’ve learnt so much and have first hand experienced the amazing effects that ABA has. Great leaders and amazing children.

Heidi Candice Britz

Fabulous kids and a good place to work – the best ABA in South Africa.

Rebecca Gaia van Wyngaard


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