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Leading ABA services on the African Continent.

Providing ABA services to children of all ages and across the spectrum at our locations throughout South Africa in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban. Additionally, we provide services internationally to countries in Africa such as Kenya, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Seychelles and Mauritius on request.

We provide a road map and a way forward to families around the world.

Top-quality ABA- The key to skill acquisition

Star Academy offers an evidence-based Autism Solution

Our services offered consist of highly specialised tutoring. Our instructors have received training and have experience in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). The Star Academy is not a registered healthcare provider or educational facility. Our team creates evidence based treatment plans drawing on the Skills Developmental Curriculum and on the principles of ABA. This allows us to customise individualised programs for each child, track results and achieve meaningful skill acquisition. The comprehensive curriculum covers many areas of development and is relied on to guide each child’s team.

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Saving my Sons
A journey with Autism

Ilana and Martin Gerschlowitz were an ordinary South African couple – young, newly married with bright, promising futures – that is, before autism came knocking on their door. Saving My Sons tells of a journey few parents would ever want to encounter. Unwilling to accept the hopelessness of an autism prognosis, the couple set out to rescue their son from the fortress that kept him from them. Never giving up, Ilana spent every waking moment researching the illness until she found answers. Subsequently, drawing from international experts, she has gone on to help countless children facing learning challenges. When autism struck again, threatening another son’s future, their mission became clear. This was not a fight they were prepared to lose. You can’t read this book and remain untouched by the tenacity of a mother fighting to give her children their best lives, achieving the impossible and beyond.

Proceeds go to our Tembisa outreach program the Yellow Canaries
The Star Academy is an NPO, our mission is to reach and help as many families as we can.


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What is Applied Behaviour Analysis?

ABA is endorsed by the American Academy of Paediatrics and the US Surgeon General. It is regarded as a medical necessity and a scientific and evidence -based treatment for autism. The methodology has been time-tested and proven to be successful throughout the lifetime of individuals with autism.

Many studies have established that intensive ABA can improve outcomes for many children on the spectrum. “Intensive” and “long term” refer to programs that provide 25 to 40 hours a week of ABA for more than 1 year. These studies show gains in intellectual functioning, language development, daily living skills and social functioning.

Our Instructors deliver top quality individualised ABA programmes

Challenging behaviors are addressed by implementing a behavior intervention plan as part of each child’s ABA programme. ABA Services are provided at various locations including at the Academy, at home, in the community, at mainstream school or remedial school or elsewhere depending on the specific needs of the child. Some children attend regular or remedial school in the morning and attend an Academy or have home based sessions in the afternoon. Some children attend mainstream school with a trained facilitator provided by the Academy and some children attend the Academy full time.

ABA Services are provided to children Monday to Saturday depending on the scheduling requests of each family and children attending the Academy vary in age ranging from 15 months to 17 years old.


Article, papers, books and videos to help you learn everything you need to know about Autism treatment and recovery.

What next?

The first step to making a difference in your child’s life is as simple as asking for help.

Please make an enquiry and we will contact you to set up a Zoom consultation with our director -Ilana Gerschlowitz.

The second step is to complete our intake paperwork. Once we have received your paperwork we will set up your child’s assessment with one of our case managers to create your child’s individualized education plan.

We have centers across South Africa and also place instructors in countries in Africa. There are parents who make use of our remote services option which involves regular zoom sessions and support from a distance.


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