Autism Breakthrough book: The Ground-Breaking Method that has helped families all over the world

autism breakthrough book

Autism Breakthrough book, the author Raun k. Kaufman was diagnosed as severely autistic at the age of two. His parents formulated a home based program to teach Raun as they were informed that their son’s condition was incurable and lifelong. Autism Breakthrough is an extremely insightful and informative book which entails the topic of Autism. Autism Breakthrough provides inspirational advice, tips and encouraging words. Autism Breakthrough explains Autism and its associated behaviours from the child’s viewpoint. Autism Breakthrough depicts concrete examples of what parents and teachers can do to help eliminate various issues when dealing with Autsim. In some cases parents see changes in their children in as little as one day due to the step by step guide with clear, practical strategies that readers can apply immediately.

Ilana Gerschlowitz, Director of The Star Academy is publishing a new book soon. This autism breakthrough book opens with a couple’s joy at the birth of their perfect baby boy. At 22 months they are given a diagnosis of autism. The book chronicles their journey of discovery of medical and educational interventions already existing in the United States, which they fought to bring to South Africa. Chapters encompass not only the treatment they used, which turned out to be a little late for their first born David, but which ultimately brought back their third son Aaron, from the clutches of autism, but also how they expanded their sons’ treatment to other families –forming The Star Academy.

This autism breakthrough book isn’t meant to be a text book, but rather a gripping and educational tale of one mother’s fight not only to find answers but to bring this revolutionary American treatment to South African families. It details her relentless search for solutions which led to the CARD Center (Center for Autism and Related Disorders) in California and how she brought out their top experts to South Africa to put in place evidence based treatment programmes. This secured the future not only for her children but for hundreds of others.

No book on autism in South Africa or NPO’s would be complete without a chapter on the constant lobbying of government and medical aids required for reform. A vital chapter is also one dealing with the strains put on any relationship or marriage as well as family and friends of parents raising autistic children. Ilana’s 13 year old middle son, who, although not himself autistic, but born into this family also shares his stories and advice to other siblings. We end the book on a positive note talking about recovery – Not just for Ilana and her husband Martin, whose voice is also heard throughout the book, but also the remarkable story of her youngest son Aaron, who started mainstream school in January 2018.

This autism breakthrough book will provide insight into diagnosis, treatment and everyday life in a South African family of Autism and is, as such, a must-read not only for parents but for all teachers and therapists who support those on the Autism spectrum.