Autism in preschool and school

An article by Lisa Jo Rudy shows questions that parents can answer in order to decide whether to send their child with autism to school and preschool. These questions include taking into consideration factors that play a role such as the child’s needs, social acceptability, schools that are willing to admit the child, the parents ability and time to work with the child constantly to improve his/ her ability to cope in the school environment, and lastly, finding a therapist that will be equipped with the skills required to help the child adapt to the school environment.

These factors are easy to counter act with the help of the Star Academy. The child will receive ABA therapy from certified instructors who will follow a program uniquely designed for each child. School and Pre-school is very much possible with this ray of hope.

A child with autism has unique needs and challenges. These needs and challenges are considered individually, and a lesson or intervention will be set in place to mould every need into an ability. The challenges faced by a child with autism are identified and the team work on an intervention that can help the child cope despite these challenges. Behaviour also plays a huge role in the decision of School and Pre-school. Behaviour interventions are put into place to work through the child’s reasons for behaviour. Replacement behaviours are put into place which provides the child with the same input in a socially acceptable means through appropriate communication.

Autism in preschool and school can be easily identified in a class of neurotypical children. The program designed for the child will take into consideration his/ her quirks that are noticeable by those who do not understand. The child will have lessons put into their program which will allow the child to communicate appropriately with his/ her peers as well as with his/ her teachers. These lessons allow for the child to adapt to their environment efficiently.

The Star Academy has developed great relationships with numerous mainstream schools in and around the areas of The Star Academy Centres. These relationships allow placement of children with autism into these schools. The Star Academy works with the school and develop goals that will be worked on in order to reach the child’s independence in the school environment.

A child with Autism in preschool and school seems like hard work to help the child adapt to the school environment. The Star Academy provides one-on-one therapy with the child. This allows the highly level of personalized work with the child to allow the child to adapt to his environment. If recommended in the child’s unique program, school facilitators are also available to help the child adapt within the school environment amongst his/ her peers and teachers as well as help in teaching the curricular outside of school sessions with the child.

Autism in pre-school and school can be a smooth sailing with these tools to equip the journey to recovery.

– By Arielle Maganlal