Autism schools near me

Autism schools are becoming more prevalent in South Africa and often cater not only to individuals on the Autism spectrum but also to those who face other learning challenges. Placing a child with Autism into a schooling environment can be very stressful and should always be considered from all perspectives. When you search “autism schools near me”, rest assured the team at The Star Academy is willing and able to help make transitions into new environments as easy as possible. It is important that a comprehensive assessment is always completed before transitioning a child into a schooling environment and that it is within their skill set to achieve success and continue to grow as an individual.

Autism schools near me: The Star Academy has good working relationships with many schools in and around Pretoria and Johannesburg. It is through these relationships that we are able to place some of our children, who meet the requirement, into school with facilitation to ensure that they achieve success. The Star Academy believes in developing children holistically and to their maximum potential. Although the traditional schooling system works for some it is not a guaranteed fit for all. For those whose paths do not converge with the traditional schooling paradigm The Star Academy caters for with equal enthusiasm and support.

Autism schools near me using ABA: The Star Academy works from a comprehensive Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) approach. We believe in scientific data to make informed decisions and to track progress with precision. We also implement an extensive Skills Curriculum that is in alignment with international best practices. This curriculum is ample and covers all domains crucial for development such as language skills, social skills and even academic targets. Although one could argue that ABA does not necessarily entail academic teaching in the purest and most traditional form, we at The Star Academy are adept to teaching our children academic skills. We focus on skills such as numeracy, letter, word and number recognition, maths symbols and even mental manipulation of maths concepts.

Having scientific data and an extensive skills curriculum to rely on ensures that we are also able to target other areas that our children may struggle with. This ensures that we build a solid foundation, from the ground up, for skills that require more critical thinking as well as future skills we would like to one day develop in our children’s skills set. These decisions are all based on data that supervisors observe and consider. This allows them to make informed decisions that can help parents decide what is the best future path for their children will be, be that traditional schooling or an alternative version of learning, parents will make informed decisions supported by data and a team of professionals dedicated to helping each and every child.