Autism support groups in South Africa

Autism support groups in South Africa

Autism support groups in South Africa:

“It is never too late to expand the mind of a person on the autism spectrum”- Dr Temple Grandin

The Star Academy aims to support families, care givers and the community with pupils who are on the autism spectrum with Autism support groups in South Africa. The organization provides parent, sibling and extended family support and guidance. They take every media opportunity they can across as many demographics as possible to create awareness and improve the knowledge and understanding on Autism. Hosting workshops and provide frequent training for people interested in this line of work, expanding and enhancing their skills creates hope and confidence in families who have someone close to them on the Autism spectrum.

We can never come to think what a parent with an autistic child feels or goes through, no words can amount to what they deal with daily as we can all relate that no day is the same, a new day comes with new learning curves and different challenges that need to be tackled with compassion. Autism support groups in South Africa allow parents, care givers and siblings the opportunity to debrief with people dealing with similar obstacles and are able to shed light on their stories.

“Shared pain is lessened and shared joy is increased.”

The Star Academy acts as an information line for the Autism community, the organization has a set of skilled workers who are able to provide assistance for families and people dealing with Autism. They are able to give you information on where to get a diagnosis, information on schools and centers that provide treatment for pupils on the autism spectrum, provide support and advocacy, where to participate in community activities, Autism support groups in South Africa and so on. Many parents within the Star Academy family have combined forces to form their own autism support groups in which they share resources and shortcuts to finding the best biomedical treatment options and stories of their own child’s successes and trials at The Star Academy.

As one mom of an autism support group said, “you may think us “special needs moms” have it pretty tough. We have no choice, we just manage life when things get really tough. We have made it through the days we thought we would never make it through, we have even impressed our own selves with all that we do. We have gained patience beyond measure, love we have never dreamed of giving. We worry about the future but know this “special” life is worth living. We have bad days and hurt sometimes, but we hold our heads up high. We feel joy and pride and thankfulness more often than we cry. For our kid’s we aren’t just super moms, no, we do so much more. We are cheerleaders, nurses and therapists who don’t walk out the door. We handle the good with the bad, we don’t know what the future holds but we give our kids the best, we don’t get breaks but we will do whatever it takes, for our kids to be accepted is really our aim, when we look at them we just see innocent little souls, don’t you see the same? They deserve all the love we hope you feel the same.”