Autism: The Real Story Needs To Be Told

by Marcia Hinds – Megan and Ryan’s Mom

Imagine a world…Where children with recurring fevers, unexplained seizures and chronic rashes are denied medical treatment.

Imagine a world… Where increasing numbers of children show up in our schools without speech, lost in their own worlds and have no hope for the future.

Imagine a world…Where children with severe sleep disorders, limited speech, nutritional deficiencies, stomach problems and severe allergies are sent to psychologists and psychiatrists.

When you have a child with autism, you don’t have to imagine anything. If your child is one of the 1 in 45 children diagnosed with autism, this is the world you live in! How can we just stand by and let this happen? Some say the increase in autism is because of better diagnostic tools and awareness.

Don’t believe it! The increase in autism is REAL!!! No one can MISS a child with autism.

They have epic meltdowns in the grocery store and throw award-winning tantrums in restaurants. They do and say strange things. And some never say anything at all, including “I love you.”

And yet there is hope… The solution to the autism crisis seems complicated, but in reality is simple if you know the truth about autism. Autism is a complex medical condition caused (in most part) by an immune system that is not working properly. My son was diagnosed with autism at age four. I was told there was nothing I could do. The psychiatrist and “autism expert” said an institution was in Ryan’s future. But she was wrong.

Ryan’s condition improved after medical treatment. That helped me realize autism is a treatable and changeable condition. Getting better was not a miracle. It resulted from reducing the “total load” on his immune system. Treating his medical condition took time and the road was long and difficult. It felt like forever and our family made many sacrifices and mistakes along the way. But the only institution Ryan ever ended up in was the university where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. NASA paid for most of his master’s degree after he completed a paid internship with them. Today at age 28, he works as an engineer at a major aerospace company, when he is not surfing or going out with friends.

Autism is not the cause of the many medical conditions that affect our children. In reality, it is the other way around. The problem with their dysfunctional immune systems result in the symptoms we call “autism.” Physicians who know how to treat autism understand that once the body works, the brain follows. If a child’s health can be restored by treating hidden viruses and infections, recovery becomes possible. Although it has been over twenty years since Ryan was diagnosed, it is hard to believe that it is still not common knowledge that autism is medical and treatable!

Children are improving and some like Ryan have fully recovered from autism, and yet the general public and most doctors are unaware that this is even possible. Ryan’s story has a happy ending, but how many parents are still told there is no hope for their children? And how many kids will not get better as a result? Autism needs to be taken out the psychiatric journals and put in the medical books where it belongs.

The good news is that an autism diagnosis no longer has to mean “game over.” And parents don’t have to helplessly stand by and watch their children slip away. If a child’s health can be restored by treating hidden viruses and infections, children improve and for some full recovery can even happen.

…There is hope and it is possible to have a different outcome for children with autism.

Unfortunately, there is no easy fix or magic bullet to heal our children. It takes time to repair a child’s compromised immune system. The medical treatment only makes learning possible. It makes it so our children can focus and learn what they couldn’t before. Once the body has healed, our children still need focused educational and behavioral interventions to catch them up on what they missed when they didn’t develop typically.

Autism awareness is no longer enough! We need a doctor on every corner who says I know what this is and I know how to treat it. The world needs to realize our children are not broken, just sick. And they can get better. Many children have already made the long, difficult journey to recovery. If these children can improve, more can be helped. We no longer have to sit and watch helplessly while our children slip away.

Don’t believe all you’ve been told. We need to RETHINK autism. You know that your child is ill. You’ve caught a glimpse, however brief, of the loving, vibrant child who is hidden behind the veil of autism. You know they are in there.

We must join together to give our children a future. We can agree that this is a medical and treatable condition. This must be our message; unwavering, unapologetic and most of all, unified. The infighting among different groups about what causes autism and how to fix it must stop. This is the only way we will win the war on autism. We must never give up until we find the answers to help our children!

Changing the Face of Autism Video