Demi working in Saudi Arabia

I’ll never forget the day Ilana asked if I’d be interested in working in Saudi Arabia. I laughed it off because, Saudi? No ways. I’ve heard all these horrible stories. Saudi? No. But again, Jenna asked, “How do you feel about Saudi” and when I knew they were serious I had to give it some thought.

After much consideration I decided it’d be good for me to at least try. It all happened so quickly. Visas done, flights booked, and I was off to live in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on the 17th January. I landed at King Abdul-Aziz airport and fell in love almost instantly.

Jeddah isn’t something you read about or somewhere people have already been to so they can prepare you for it. People know very little about it and assumptions allow for it to be seen in a negative light. Jeddah is anything BUT negative. Jeddah is full of warm smiles and friendly “welcome to Jeddah” greetings. The safety of walking to Danube (their Pick ‘n Pay equivalent) is priceless. Our villa is situated 10 minutes from the Red Sea which allows you to take a stroll on the coastal road and look at the most incredible blue hues in the water.

I decided to experience every adventure I possibly could in Jeddah. From their theme parks to their underwater mysteries. I was amazed and in love with Jeddah with every new adventure I went on. But all the fancy things aside, I got to work with the most phenomenal children. They intrigued me, pushed me and inspired me every day that I was there, so much so that I cried leaving them and still video call them weekly to see them! I left Jeddah with a full yet heavy heart as I wanted to stay on and work with more and more children! All this time I thought I was going to Jeddah to change lives when actually Jeddah changed mine. If I can recommend this to anyone, I would encourage you to do it. Take the chance, work with the most incredible children and fall in love with Saudi the same way I did ❤️