Within an inclusive education system, the learner with a diagnosis of autism is educated in the least restrictive environment, along with typically developing peers.
The South African Schools Act of 1996 states that schools must admit learners and serve their educational requirements without unfairly discriminating in any way.
The Constitution of South Africa guarantees everyone the right to basic education. Accommodating children with severe disabilities through an inclusive education framework is constitutionally mandated.
Inclusive Education is also discussed in Education White Paper 6. The aim of this paper was to dismantle separate special education systems and promote access and participation in regular classes for children with autism, disabilities or other special needs.
Children with autism or special learning needs, have a legal right to be included in mainstream school irrespective of any physical or intellectual disability. When a child with autism is ready for a school placement there should be no hesitation to demand access to a mainstream school.
Over the last decade, Star Academy has partnered with numerous mainstream schools, to make inclusive education possible and successful. Our trained facilitators, support learners with autism in the mainstream classroom, drawing on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis. Giving children with a learning difference access to a typical classroom environment, is integral to their long term success. All we need is teachers who are open minded and willing to partner with us to secure true inclusive education.