International Rotations – Karabo in Kenya and Seychelles


My name is Karabo Motaung. I’ve been on an exciting journey with The Star Academy.

I studied BA(Psychology and Sociology) at the University of Pretoria from 2013 to 2016. I am currently enrolled to study further and chose to complete a degree in Applied Psychology. I hope to do a post-graduate degree in neuro-psychology.

I have a cousin who has Down Syndrome and was inspired by his progress and achievements despite all the difficulties he had to overcome. This experience motivated me to apply to work for the Star Academy. I wanted to learn more about how to help children with challenges.

ABA focuses on the child’s strengths and motivates them to learn. I have been fascinated by the science of ABA and how it’s possible to help children overcome barriers to learning.


In 2020, I was placed in Kenya to work with a 3-year old boy on the autism spectrum. My host-family went above and beyond, to make me feel at home and in no time I formed a very special bond with the little boy I was assigned to. He worked hard to learn those things that just come naturally to other children. There are no words to describe how we celebrated every single milestone he achieved. He even learnt to say sounds and words. I enjoyed exploring Kenya and I was grateful for the opportunity to travel overseas.


Last year, I was chosen to work with two children with autism in Seychelles. Living across the beach was incredible! The Island is amazing!  Every child is an individual and both children made measurable gains on their ABA programs. It was a privilege to be a part of their progress and achievements.

I have arrived back in South Africa and am based at the academy in Durban.