New Autism Prevalence Numbers Released Today: CDC Reports 1 in 68 Children Affected with ASD


The CDC announced today that autism affects 1 in 68 individuals under 21 living in the U.S.; for the hundreds of thousands of people who have, or are now living with autism, the pressing needs are for support, education, and health care.

The lack of training infrastructure for professionals who might help this population as it ages, and the urgent need for evidence-based treatments adversely effect millions of Americans. These shortcomings are acute in terms of early intervention as well as in treatments for symptoms, and the challenges experienced by adults.

Because so many research studies now demonstrate complex genetic/environmental (epigenetic) interactions as causal, it is imperative that the Federal government fund investigation of the environmental aspects in order to protect the health and future opportunities for generations to come.

A transcript of today’s briefing will be available at: CDC online newsroom

The CDC’s announcement is online – Learn More