online learning solution for autism

Skills® is an online Solution for Autism that provides comprehensive assessment and curriculum, positive behaviour support planning for challenging behaviour, progress tracking, and treatment evaluation all in one place. Skills® identifies every skill an individual with autism needs across every area of human functioning from infancy up through adolescence while still allowing users the flexibility to customise lesson activities.

Our mission is to provide global access to state-of-the-art tools which facilitate delivery of high-quality, comprehensive, and individualised ABA-based intervention to individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

To support this mission, Skills® was created for treatment providers and school districts to improve accessibility to comprehensive assessment and curriculum and to increase efficiency with writing Individual Education Plans (IEPs), Behaviour Intervention Plans (BIPs), and progress reports. Skills® was also created to provide an option to families who do not have access to ABA-based intervention supervised by experienced professionals.