School for Autistic Kids

School for Autistic Kids

The following is a poem made Dr Sophie Billington about her child Tristan:

This Child of Mine (who hates being called boy or kid!)

He is wired differently

To you and me,

This child of mine.

He doesn’t like loud noises

Or dark spaces

Or strangers touching his head.

His brain can see in an instant the pattern,

The layout,

The solution to a puzzle.

He can tell you every gun invented.

The year,

The range,

The calibre.

But he cannot tie his shoelaces at 11.

He reads the periodic table for pleasure.

Loves fusion

And nanotechnology

And Crispr

But he cannot tell the time from a clock face.

He is different this child of mine.

Has no filters,

Speaks his mind,

Has no pause button

But he hugs me and tells me he loves me every day.

He has triggers this child of mine,

Open-mouthed chewing,

Enclosed spaces,

Broken routines

But he’ll rescue drowning insects every time.

He is different this child of mine,

A challenge,

A frustration,

A despair

But his humour makes me laugh every day.

He is different this child of mine,

He is loving,

He is kind,

He is generous

But the world judges,

Sees only the outbursts and over-reactions.

He is wired differently this child of mine,

And my role is to guide him,

Soothe him,

Give him tools

To negotiate this confusing world of emotion he fails to grasp.

He is different this child of mine,

His name is Tristan,

Not boy,

Not kid.

I hope that his road through life will be one of kindness and understanding.

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a disorder listed in the DSM 5 and is noted as an individual mainly having deficits in social communication and interaction and repetitive, stereotypical movements.

Many parents have experiences similar to Dr Sophie, where their child has symptoms of autism and he/she seems to be living a completely different life to the typically developing child. The search for a School for Autistic Kids begins and the emotional rollercoaster of wanting to have your child adapt to the socially and intellectually demanding pressures of an economically driven world is challenging.  The balance of financially, emotionally, socially and intellectually investing and caring for your child is a game of tug of war- a real battle indeed. When one domain receives attention, another lacks it.

A School for autistic kids can help with specific domains but it also needs everyone else to be involved; the teachers, the parents, the family, sometimes even the friends and colleagues. In this race of finding an appropriate environment where you feel like your child can be understood and simultaneously helped, it stretches the cognitive paradigms you might have once had growing up, the paradigms and dreams you had of being a parent. In this stretch of life of having a child with autism, you can perhaps feel like you are living for two people. What that means is that while, in a typically developing manner, your job as a parent is to give independence to your child until they can create their own family but as a parent of an autistic child, it might feel like you have to be constantly watching them, constantly apologising to others for their misunderstanding of your child.

That is why the search for a School for autistic kids is one of the most important phases you encounter after realising that your child has autistic symptoms. Finding the right school is extremely important. It’s important to find a school that can foster the right development for my chid while increasing his sense of independence. A school for kids with autism must have passion and love for my child but must also help him in a way that can make things easier for him in this world and simultaneously for myself because if he can take care of himself/herself more, my worry and mind eases.

A school for kids with autism that is highly recommended is The Star Academy, it applies a treatment  that is scientifically proven and that already has had multiple of accounts of children fully recovering from autism, being independent and fully acquired with the necessary skills to adapt in their social environments.

The Star Academy helps children acquire the necessary skills to adapt and function in this world while also reducing any inappropriate and challenging behaviours.

Our children are different, special and a bunch of joy, let’s give other people, the world, the economy, colleagues and family a chance to experience the charge of electrifying potential that they have in a functional and socially appropriate way. This opportunity begins by finding a school for kids with autism that applies a scientifically proven treatment with unyielding results.