Star Academy Director Wins National Award

Africa’s Most Influential Women in Business and Government for Education in the Private Sector Awarded to the Director of The Star Academy – Ilana Gerschlowitz

We are thrilled to announce that our Director of The Star Academy, Ilana Gerschlowitz, has been awarded as the Country Winner for South Africa, as well as the SADC South Winner in Education and Training: Private Sector, for Africa’s Most Influential Women in Business and Government.

Ilana was honoured with the accolade at the annual CEO Global Awards Ceremony held in Johannesburg last week, in recognition of her tireless work as the driving force behind providing expert ABA services for children affected by autism in South Africa and other regions throughout Africa.

CEO Global provides a platform which honours the role of women who have leadership positions in the different regions of the African continent. This platform culminates annually in the awards ceremony to salute these women and their contribution to their respective sectors and communities across Africa.

This awards platform is launched as a 12 month programme each year. The programme is designed to uplift and recognise women across the African Continent, paying tribute to women who are consistently creating a positive impact through their different areas of expertise.

CEO Global have long been at the forefront of recognising women leading and achieving in their regional sectors, selecting winners after a lengthy process of considering thousands of nominations in 24 different sectors. The nominations are considered by a panel of 12 judges selected from prominent positions in business and government who consider each finalist’s information, projects and interviews. The final results are then audited by KPMG.

This award is a testament to Ilana’s vision, courage and commitment, acknowledging her work and the effectiveness and impact of the Star Academy’s ABA programmes on children with autism in the African region, both in the private education sector and for children in underprivileged communities. On accepting this prestigious award Ilana dedicated the award to the autistic children around the world for their bravery labeling them as the true winners of our society.

On a macro level the award provides a platform to create an awareness of the need for ABA services for autistic children in the African region while further providing the opportunity for people to understand that autism is in fact a treatable and often recoverable condition.