The Autism Network Podcastathon!!!

April is World Autism Awareness Month

Diarise April 4 to 6!

You can listen to the experts on autism and get a ton of information and resources!

Click here to see the line-up: https://www.autismnetwork.com/calendar-by-hour/

Click here for more info and registration: https://www.autismnetwork.com/podcastathon/

Thank you to Shannon Penrod for this incredible initiative! She is the host of Autism Live and Co- Founder of The Autism Network and author of Autism: Parent to Parent. A must read and available on Amazon! Shannon provides sanity saving advice for every parent with a child on the spectrum.

Shannon is a guiding light, mentor and podcast host who has provided invaluable information on autism treatment to thousands of families around the globe for many years!!

Her autism podcast: “Autism Live” kept me going through the darkest period of my life

Dont miss her podcastathon!

I will be hosting an hour too and Shannon has the most incredible line up planned for April!!!!