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The power of ABA in treating autism

Every child receives one-on-one instruction in order to shape their development. ABA is an evidence-based instruction that uses positive reinforcement to increase skills, like communication and independence and reduce behaviours, like aggression and tantrums. This means that we use what a child loves to teach them the developmental skills they missing.

Decades of research, supports ABA as a preferred and essential teaching methodology for autism. Rooted in the principles of psychology, ABA provides teaching strategy. By understanding what comes before, during and after a behaviour we can help children change behaviours. This way we empower them to acquire skills to appropriately communicate or execute a task they were not capable of previously.

This method of teaching always encourages independence and teaches functional skills. We teach children emotional coping skills, build their self-esteem and give them the confidence and skills necessary to interact and be socially successful. ABA aims to significantly increase a child’s language skills and social skills, which results in a reduction of inappropriate behaviours.

If a child is not so good at a particular skill and they are given the opportunity to practise that skill they not so good at, multiple times during the week, it is likely that they will improve on or become more fluent in that particular skill they find challenging. It is for this reason, that ABA works and achieves results, as the child is given enough opportunity in any given week to learn missing skills.

The place of ABA instruction depends on the individual needs of each child. For some children ABA instruction is provided at one of our Academies. For others who have pre-requisite skills for school, ABA is provided at a mainstream or other school setting. ABA can also be provided at the child’s home, on zoom or in the community. The location where the instruction is delivered to the child depends on their individual needs and may change depending on their learning needs.

ABA endorsements

ABA is regarded a “medical necessity” and endorsed by:
American Academy of Paediatrics
US Surgeon General
National Institute of Mental Health
American Medical Association

ABA Services in South Africa

The Star Academy established 19 years ago and provides ABA instruction not only to children in South Africa but also in Africa and in other international countries.

Our mission is to support families raising children with autism and to change lives for the better. We teach and empower children with autism to learn functional skills. We give them a voice to communicate and we help them to understand the world around them so that they are able to lead happy, meaningful and fulfilled lives.

Stories of hope

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National Institute of Mental Health:

American Academy of Family Paediatrics:

American Academy of Occupational Therapy Association:

American Speech-Language Hearing Association:

Direct Quotes from Institutions that Endorse ABA as a Treatment for Autism: