Turning the lights back on

World Autism Awareness Day – 2 April

Turning the lights back on

When you think of standing in front of your electricity board and that sinking feeling when you see switches have tripped, this is how a parent feels when faced with an autism diagnosis. At The Star Academy our aim is to find the right switches to turn the lights back on. If you can flick the right switch at the right time anything is possible!

‘He used to point, he used to babble until the lights went out and now he’s lining up his toys and running in circles. The only communication he uses is to take my hand and lead me around the house showing me what he wants’.

Another common theme I hear daily from parents dealing with a long list of behavioural and developmental challenges is that their child is a ‘picky eater’. The gut brain connection here is an undeniable fact. A treatment plan that investigates and focuses on gut health and nutrition is an important key to winning the war on autism. Restoring health and functionality to these children is absolutely possible.

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is considered a medical necessity by the US Surgeon General and the American Academy of Paediatrics. ABA, being proven highly successful evidence -based treatment for children with autism, with over 30 years of research in support of its effectiveness.  ABA coupled with the Skills Developmental Curriculum designed by the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD), the most comprehensive developmental curriculum available world-wide, is a winning formula.

Giving children a voice is high up on our priority list at The Star Academy. By teaching the children how to cope with their world suddenly their challenging behaviour reduces. Securing a child’s functionality and independence are important goals we work towards every day.

Autism recovery backdates to 1987. You need only look at the Portraits of Hope link on the CARD website (http://portraits-of-hope.centerforautism.com/ to become inspired and hopeful.  Erase the word ‘accept’ from your vocabulary as there’s simply nothing to accept about an autism diagnosis – apart from the fact that your child is medically ill and requires a medical treatment plan that will treat common pathologies found in autism including:

  1. Cerebral Folate Deficiency
  2. Mitochondrial Dysfunction
  3. Inflammation – bowl and/brain
  4. Immune Dysregulation
  5. Viral, fungal/bacterial infections
  6. Nutrient deficiencies
  7. Food Allergies
  8. Low in Glutathione
  9. Amino Acid Deficiencies
  10. Impaired detoxification

Autism has been referred to as a brain on fire and an auto-immune encephalitis. All these underlying causes of autism require investigation and treatments. Each child deserves a proper medical work-up that goes beneath the surface for the true causes of the symptoms we call autism.  A healthy child who is eating and sleeping is a child who can learn and regain functionality. A child in pain who’s not eating or sleeping will struggle to catch up their developmental delays.

Through the scientific use of ABA teaching, our team at The Star Academy conquer the symptoms of autism and teach children the skills they’re missing, often caused by environmental triggers. These triggers include factors such as food, water and the air we breathe. Our world has become more toxic than ever which cascades into autism. But the good news is that autism is treatable and recovery possible.

My message is one of hope and my wish for every parent is that you find the strength to fight for your child and the right switches to turn the lights back on.

Our motto at The Star Academy – Reversing autism – one child at a time.