Board Certified Autism Technician and The Star Academy’s Case Manager, Akil Seema, chats to Radio Impact ( about World Autism Awareness Day.

The Star Academy Managing Director, Ilana Gerschlowitx has been invited to participate in an incredible virtual Autism summit!! It’s a huge online event that is coming up soon that’s all about how to treat your child’s Autism. Ilana be speaking at it, sharing some of my most important strategies, tips and action steps.

The Autism Treatment & Recovery Global Summit features 25+ hand-selected doctors, health care professionals, moms who have successfully recovered their children from Autism, and other Autism experts from around the world. These people were picked specifically because of their in-depth knowledge, insights and experience in successfully treating Autism. We are going to show you exactly what you need to know about diet intervention and gut issues, nutritional supplements, Methyl-B12 Therapy, detoxification, and much much more! You’ll learn proven, cutting-edge strategies to gain control of your child’s health.

And since Ilana is one of the featured experts, you can claim a free ticket.

The Autism Treatment & Recovery Summit is Starting Soon…Did You Get You Free Tickets Yet? It’s going to be a incredibly valuable for anyone concerned about their Child’s health. Join us now!

Jenna White Supervisor at CatchUp Kids – How to empower your child’s confidence for the new year.

Our Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, Jenna White talks Applied Behaviour Analyses as an alternative to spanking your child, on Sunrise.

Board Certified Behaviour Analyst and The Star Academy case manager, Jenna White, chats with 702 about resilience and self-confidence in children, and how parents influence their child’s confidence levels and self-esteem.

Health practitioners are trying their best to spread autism awareness in townships. One of them is Annah Moshatama. She works with children with this developmental condition in Tembisa, east of Johannesburg. As we continue to celebrate young people making a difference this Youth Month, Annah joins us in studio.