The Autism Debate is Over – Nutrition and Good Diet are Essential!

Dear Friends and Colleagues: 

The new autism rates released by the CDC are shocking – 1 in 88 children are now affected, 1 million children in the United States have autism. 

Further alarming is mainstream/government’s absence to provide viable insight for either healing or preventing the condition – despite the fact that proven strategies exist. No longer should anyone tolerate an antiquated perspective that inhibits their child’s treatment options and life potential! 

Diet helps! It’s undeniable 

Today, global autism awareness day, Dr. Martha Herbert said, “autism is not a life sentence,” adding “The brain is not malformed, it is irritated, and diet is big” – she appeared on Fox and Friends – WATCH HERE.

Proper food and nutrition calm this “brain chaos” Dr. Herbert says, and provide the ingredients needed for our cells to function. 

The science and common sense on this issue have become unquestionable. 

And now, Dr. Martha Herbert is sharing this truthful message globally with her new book, The Autism Revolution – “The body wants to get better,” she says. 

Recommended Strategy: Attention to Food and Nutrition

We call this “Nourishing Hope.” 

Making strategic food choices and following a nourishing diet are essential to help relieve symptoms of autism, aid healing of mind and body, and to put children on the road to recovery and improved life potential. 

The tide is changing and hope is spreading – EVERY major Autism Organizationnow acknowledges the fact that autism is a whole-body-disorder – and that underlying physiological conditions affect health, cognition, and behavior. Even Autism Speaks, at their inaugural 2012 conference is embracing “Treating the Whole Person.” 

Ask any parent, therapist, or autism clinician that has experience with diet – Food Matters, AND the effectiveness of therapies like ABA, are enhanced when children follow a nutritious diet. 

The Debate about Diet is Over – Let “Hopework” Begin! 

Learn healing strategies you can begin today! 

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Please share this message with any family/friends you know affected by autism and other related childhood disorders – and let hope, healing, and the autism revolution prevail! 

Thank you for nourishing hope! 

Martin and Julie Matthews 
Nourishing Hope

Julie Matthews, author of “Nourishing Hope for Autism,” has been researching and explaining the science and application of autism diets for over ten years; speaking at the leading autism conferences, publishing articles, hosting webinars, and disseminating key information to parents and clinicians in 65 countries around the world.