Autism early intervention centre, preschool and school

Autism early intervention centre

Autism early intervention centre is advised by professionals. This can start as early as 18 months. The Star Academy provides a uniquely designed programme for the little one which works to help them develop the tools they need for school and preschool. Our centres provide strong play activities that let them learn in a fun and functional way. We attack Autism through early intervention. We use applied behaviour analysis in our programs. It has been a very effective form of therapy, this is proven by many studies done internationally in the past. Thus The Star Academy is your all-in-one autism early intervention centre, preschool and school!

Early intervention allows to target the problem areas quickly and prepare the child for mainstream pre-school and school. A study conducted in the US found that children under the age of 2.5 years old showed tremendous improvement from an early intervention for autism. This was because of the malleable brain of a child where it was easy to reach the optimum amount of work and get closer to the road of recovery.

The outcomes from various studies done on early interventions for children with autism show a great improvement in social skills and relationships, as well as improvements in language and communication. It also shows a decrease in behaviour. Regardless of your child’s treatment projectory, The Star Academy can tailor a treatment plan to ensure that your child gets the help they need as South Africa’s premiere autism early intervention centre, for preschool and school aged children.

At The Star academy, we have lessons set in the child’s programme to improve language and communication as well as decrease behaviour through teaching the child functional communication. This means that the child will be equipped with the means to communicate his/ her needs by asking or using other means of communication such as PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System).

This autism early intervention centre prepares the child for school and pre school by teaching him/ her the means to communicate and socialize as well as sustain attention enough to co-operate in class in a mainstream school. This capitalizes on the child learning to develop friendships at school as well as learn at a pace that the child finds manageable. The team works with the school work in the one-on-one sessions with the child and find creative ways to help the child learn in a fun and exciting environment. Educational games are a great way to make learning fun and with a uniquely designed program for each child, these games vary according to the needs of the child.

An early intervention for autism at the Star Academy allows families to be a part of the child’s road to recovery by considering the goals set by the family for their child. Parents can advise the team on their concerns and their end goals for their kids which is then set as priority lessons for the team to work on and push forward. The Star Academy has changed the lives of many families and we invite you to come visit us to see how we can meet your early intervention centre, pre school and school needs.

– By Arielle Maganlal