Autism Essentials

Prevention, Evaluation, Remediation, Education, Vocational, Legal Aspects, and Parental Advice

The focus of Autism Essentials is to provide parents and teachers access to the most current policies, practices, and suggestions regarding children on the spectrum. As opposed to a scholarly and highly technical presentation, this book is written in a form that is easy to understand and follow.

It is our intention to de-mystify autism by presenting a step-by-step, highly professional, carefully constructed manual for addressing the needs of our children, both prenatal and after the spectrum diagnosis.

Most of the authors chosen to be part of this important project recognized experts in their fields. Access to their backgrounds, books, and journal articles is provided.

The authors were asked to provide a chapter specifically related to their specialty. Their submissions were made without financial compensation.

Profits from the sales of this book will be used to provide counseling, support, and training for emotionally challenged moms and dads throughout the United States.