Autism SA Training

Autism SA Training

Receiving an autism diagnosis can be devastating news for almost every parent, but the lack of information and training on autism can make this diagnosis seem like a death sentence for those affected.

Whether you are researching Autism SA Training for your child or for your own educational purposes, there are some things you should be aware of.

When researching as a parent of a child with autism or a related disorder, either for the purpose of putting your child into a school specialized and equipped for managing children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) or for Autism SA Training yourself, your family or your own staff, you should be informed on the following:

  • Autism is not caused by bad parenting – you are doing the best you can.
  • Autism is treatable and recovery is possible.
  • Better outcomes are associated with earlier diagnosis and early intervention.
  • Autism is a spectrum disorder which means that an individualised education program is more suitable in catering for the needs of your child.
  • Children with autism learn differently, but it is important to remember that they are still able to learn and that we should be teaching them in the ways that are best suited for them. We need to focus on each child’s individual motivation and learning style.
  • ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) is the only research/evidence – based treatment proven to be effective for treating children with autism and related disorders.
  • While biomedical intervention can be of great importance, it should not be the primary intervention given to your child, but rather used a secondary intervention.
  • There may be other conditions that present before or after your child is diagnosed with autism, such as; toe walking, difficulty with sleep patterns and seizures.
    And above all else, children with autism are still children. They can be affected by all the same things as typical children, only they may not have the communication skills to express this and this is where the behavioural patterns in children with autism display. Interventions that give your child the appropriate way to communicate their needs or give them self-satisfactory sensations, can and should be taught and this is of the utmost importance when researching interventions for your child.

For Autism SA Training courses that may better equip you or your family in managing your child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, please visit The Star Academy:

The Star Academy – Founded by Ilana Gerschlowitz is a centre for autism that provides one-on-one ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) to children with autism. This means that your child will receive intervention with Board Certified Autism Technicians, trained in the principles of ABA. They will have a team of instructors fully educated and equipped in managing your child’s specific needs, who receive regular trainings, ensuring that they are always up to date on current research and effective treatments. While the academy offers on site therapy programmes with already trained staff members, they also cater for parents looking to train their own staff and will gladly assist you with this endeavour. The Star Academy is based in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban and has affiliate centres across Africa.