Autism symptoms and treatment

Autism symptoms

If a child presents with any of the red flags to autism, please don’t delay further investigation, and see a doctor or paediatrician immediately. I always explain to parents that the red flags, are merely autism symptoms and that an investigation into the causes of the symptoms is necessary. Being under the guidance of an experienced doctor will be extremely beneficial in helping the child with an autism diagnosis get back onto the road to healing. Once it becomes possible to identify the causes of the autism symptoms a treatment protocol which targets the specific symptoms will be customized by a trained biomedical doctor. This is important because a child who is healthy can learn and catch up delayed development. Autism symptoms like stimming and delayed language can be treated by eliminating food allergies, supplementing deficient vitamins and minerals, supporting detoxification, reducing inflammation and treating viral and other infections. Autism is a digestive disorder, metabolic and auto-immune disorder. Autism is a treatable condition. The autism symptoms present in a young developing child because of environmental triggers that express vulnerable genetics. In turn, what results, is a long list of symptoms and then of course we often experience regression where a child had skills and then loses them.

My experience when my son was diagnosed with Autism symptoms

When my son David was diagnosed with autism, he had a long list of autism symptoms. He used to line-up his toys, he stopped responding to his name. He used to spin around in circles, engaged in tantrum behaviour and was an extremely picky eater. Once I started to research and understand the make-up of autism I began to realise that all these symptoms were the result of David’s poor health. He had gut inflammation and infections that were contributing to his delayed development and behaviours. Once we started treating his gut and put him on a diet we saw not only a significant improvement in his development and skill acquisition rate but also a reduction of autism symptoms in general.

Treatment for Autism symptoms

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is evidence based treatment for children with autism and regarded a medical necessity. We enrolled David on an ABA program and together with correcting the medical issues we’d uncovered and had starting treating, we began to see results. Initially when David started his ABA program I was concerned about the many hours he’d be receiving this intervention but as he settled into the program and as I realised that he would acquire skills this way I was no longer concerned. He enjoyed the sessions and the more gains he made on the program the less autism symptoms presented themselves. His stimming reduced, he began to eat more nutritious foods and finally he was able to learn.

Over many years I have consulted with thousands of parents who have shared with me the autism symptoms that interrupt their child’s functionality and impacts the entire family. Some of these symptoms include things like the child not making eye contact, not responding to their name, not babbling by 12 months, having no imitative behaviour such as waving bye-bye, loosing previously acquired speech, becoming distressed by minor changes in routine, being hyperactive and engaging in repetitive behaviours. The autism symptoms are common in children on the autism spectrum. The younger the child is the better the outcome. We able to treat the autism symptoms through relying on the principles of ABA. Together with the Skills Developmental Curriculum we can customize and guide the child’s program to teach them eye contact, responding to their name, how to acquire language and communication, achieve compliance, engage in appropriate social interactions and so on. The more hours a child can attend the program the faster they will achieve the skills they missing and be able to function. In conclusion, there is much evidence that points to the gut -brain connection in autism having a direct link to the autism symptoms. Once we start treating an autistic child’s gut we start seeing an alleviation of the autism symptoms. This coupled with a good quality ABA program can successfully address autism symptoms and help the child acquire those skills they missing which in turn leads to a reduction in inappropriate behaviours. The sooner the child can commence a biomedical treatment protocol and ABA program the sooner the child can catch up delayed development.

Autism symptoms are different for every individual child on the spectrum. There is so much hope as autism is a treatable condition.

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