Autism treatment solutions

Autism treatment solutions

Autism treatment solutions:

There are several methods that can be considered as Autism treatment solutions, play therapy, OT (Occupational Therapy), speech therapy and Applied Behaviour Analysis therapy to mention a few.

  • Play Therapy: this is a form of counseling that uses play to communicate, enhance social skills and eradicate psychosocial challenges. Children are able to express themselves through the form of play and portray their feelings and experiences on toys and through games.
  • Occupational Therapy: this is the form of using assessments and interventions to retain, create and recover new, lost or current activities.
  • Speech therapy: this focuses on the fluency, language and voicing issues a child could have, this aims at eradicating any issues around communication and prevent any hindrances around speaking.
  • Applied Behaviour Analysis therapy: this is the application of the principles of behaviour to challenges that are socially important in order to produce practical change. ABA works off the methodology of operant conditioning which is a learning process through which the strength of behaviour is modified by reinforcement, for example if you ask a boy to ride a bike and he carries out the instruction correctly he would obtain reinforcement which could be anything from primary to secondary, be it a juice box or two minutes of play with a ball. ABA therapy aims to decrease undesired behaviour and eradicate any skills deficits that are a result of these behaviours. This form of therapy works on building skill repertoire and developing effective behaviour management solutions. ABA therapy offers one on one therapy which gives the child a better chance at success by having individual attention. Qualified Supervisors design unique programs for each child and a set team is put in place to carry out the requirements of the program. As much as ABA works on diminishing problem behaviour and building skills do we play with the child in the most age appropriate way and promote social skills and interaction.

The good news for parents is that because of The Star Academy’s comprehensive curriculum, Autism treatment solutions and thorough training procedures, your child’s motor, sensory, language and other needs can all be addressed in one programme.

The Star Academy which is the leading organization providing ABA therapy does this in a variety of ways suitable for children at all levels and stages of their development, children can attend the academy full time, part time, through school facilitation or in the home setting, making it an available form of therapy for any child in need. Having centers all around South Africa allows for many children the opportunity and the chance of recovery.

The Star Academy is a beacon of hope to families who have children with autism, having trained instructors that care greatly for children and work around the clock to push for recovery is something all children need.

This autism treatment power house aims to spread the message that recovery is possible.

The Star Academy’s motto: “Reversing autism, one child at a time”