Care Autism school in South Africa Fees

Many families suffer incomprehensible challenges when they are first faced with the diagnosis of Autism and how to care for children with Autism. There are choices that need to be made and changes that need to happen sooner rather than later. Families are overwhelmed with new information, lifestyle adaptations and last but not least financial expenditures they did not foresee. Including Autism School in South Africa Fees.

All parents share a golden thread of wanting the absolute best for their children and as individuals committed to the very best in Autism treatment we at the Star Academy support this ambition whole heartedly. Finding the best care for children with autism spectrum disorders can be very challenging, not only do parents have to concern themselves with safety and care but also with fees. To find a care autism school in South Africa fees that are reasonable can be likened to finding a rare diamond, which often leaves parents feeling frustrated and despondent.

Parents also need to weigh up the different options of therapy routes to follow and time constraints as well. At Star Academy we strive to provide effective and impactful therapy every day because we know that our time is limited and that our children are fighting against all odds to beat Autism. By working closely with a team and supervisors common goals can be discussed and determined, this in turn ensures that no time is wasted and that therapy is mindful of the parents priorities as well as financial capabilities.

Care Autism school in South Africa Fees – how to choose a school

The Star Academy is not the average care facility for children with autism, it provides world class Applied Behavioural Treatment that encompasses more than the traditional “schooling areas”. It promotes independence and growth of skills in all areas of development. We work from a child centric perspective and adapt our therapy to support our children in the best way possible, rather than forcing children to meet a traditional school paradigm.

Focusing on the individual allows us to work at a pace that is appropriate which ensures that no child is left behind. Although therapy can focuses on skills that are not necessarily seen as “schools skills” traditionally it would be unrealistic and completely irresponsible to place a child into a schooling system when the fundamentals for learning are not in place. At the Star Academy we aim to help our children learn new skills on a daily basis and through proven means of instruction.

Working closely as a team and putting the childs needs above all else is what ensures success for the children of the Star Academy. Providing therapy with the needs and capabilities of parents in mind is something we strive to do and ensures that everyone is working towards the goal of beating Autism and none are left wondering “what now”.