Saving My Sons – A Journey with Autism

Saving my sons

Saving My Sons sends a powerful message to all parents and professionals in the world of autism: if you want to help a child with autism, discard your biases and preconceptions and beyond all else, never ever give up!

Having spent the last 18 years unravelling autism, Ilana shares the details of her sons’ diagnosis and treatment, passing on her first-hand knowledge and experience.

The book provides parents with an understanding and awareness of steps that can be taken towards helping their child onto the road to healing. Restoring a child’s health is key in addressing the symptoms of autism. The uniqueness of this book, is that it doesn’t just focus on one methodology or treatment, but covers a wide range of options that can ultimately lead to best outcomes.

Discovering Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and how ABA contributed to overcoming many obstacles attached to an autism diagnosis is discussed in the book. ABA is considered a scientifically validated pedagogical approach that has been time-tested and repeatedly proven to be effective throughout the lifetime of individuals with autism and other learning challenges. ABA is considered a medical necessity and endorsed by the American Academy of Paediatrics and the US Surgeon General. The Star Academy established by Ilana, provides ABA instruction to children with autism not only in South Africa but also internationally.

The gut-brain connection and its role in contributing to the autism symptoms is discussed by Dr Marco Ruggiero who explains how to restore the working of the malfunctioning microbiome and how we can mend the working of the brain through correcting this malfunction. Raising a child who is a picky-eater is common amongst parents whose children have autism. Linking gut bacteria to this behaviour and discussing a new revolutionary approach to picky eating is elaborated in the book. Eliminating food allergies, supporting nutrition and correcting nutritional deficiencies provides the foundation to healing.

Some parents feel autism defines their child and they prefer to accept it rather than try to change it. Ilana urges those parents to consider the interventions detailed in her book to simply be a tool they can use to help their children reduce the challenging behaviours that keep them isolated from society and strengthen the skills they need to successfully interact with those around them.

Ilana talks about her oldest son David’s crippling anxiety during his teenage years and how to create a new normal when autism derails the functioning of a family unit. Her message to other parents: “fight autism not each other”.

Continuously wrestling with autism and pulling her sons from the jaws of its overwhelming force, Ilana’s account of how she tackled autism is documented in her book. Not willing to accept that her son would remain non-vocal and without communication for life, she details how she overcame many roadblocks to extract his voice.

When her third son was also diagnosed with autism, she sprung to action. Aaron recovered from autism and today attends a mainstream school in Grade 4. In her book, Ilana discusses recovery from autism.

Having read this book, parents and professionals, have walked away with a better understanding of the diagnosis of autism, inspired with new insight and with much hope!

Saving My Sons – A Journey with Autism, is available from all bookstores nationwide, Takealot, Loot and Amazon