Schools for autism

When looking for schools for autism I would say that there are two main obstacles: First is trusting that your children will be fine on their first day. The nervous energy that accompanies any big milestone like the first day or new school can create anxiety in parents. Some advice is do things to help you stay positive and calm because it will reflect on your children when you have decided on your school for autism. They are often very attuned to parents’ behavior as well as reactions and will take their lead from what you say and do…so stay positive even if you have reasons to worry, have the same outlook when looking for schools for autism.

And second is sharing of information. I remind teachers all the time to reach out and communicate. If it helps, send your child with a note or email sharing all the things they like or dislike or can or can’t eat and make sure the school for autism you pick are fully informed. Don’t be afraid to share what your goals and wishes are for the school year. Teachers welcome this information. And it just might help alleviate your concerns on that first day making the look for schools for autism a little less daunting.

When looking and researching schools for autism visit the school and take pictures! Rehearsal, practice and exposure are some of the hallmarks of how we work with students on the spectrum, so starting school for the first time should be no different. Many schools will provide plenty of information before the first day, but if they don’t, go and visit the school.

Plenty of staff are in the building of schools for autism busy setting up and if you explain your unique situation it is a great time to meet friendly faces in a quiet setting. If the building isn’t open for some reason, then play on the playground or walk around the school to get used to the sights and sounds. Walking the halls and sitting in the chairs will give both the child and parent a great visual on how the first day might look.

There are many options when deciding on schools for autism, and the best one will be directly in line with what the parents would want and how comfortable the institute makes the child and parents feel, therefore go and explore, look at all your options, test them all if you are not sure.

At The Star Academy, we typically ensure that our children have the prerequisite skills in place for benefiting from a school environment (including skills such as being able to make needs and wants known to others, imitation, communication, ability to follow instructions, and several others) before we approach a school for admission. This helps set your child up for success in the school environment and ensures that their time there will be well-spent.