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Tips for getting the best out of your ABA programme in 2019

  1. Set goals. Think short-term (3 months), medium-term (6 months) and long-term (the whole year).
  2. Attend workshops. You are just as valuable a team member as any other in your child’s treatment programme.
  3. Communicate to your supervisor what is important to you as a parent and for your family.
  4. Receive parent training. The better equipped you are, the more consistency you can create between home and centre, and the faster your child will progress.
  5. Stay in the loop. Make sure you are receiving our newsletters and following our Facebook page.
  6. If you haven’t already, explore biomedical intervention. Most, if not all, children on the spectrum are suffering from underlying biomedical conditions. Children who are feeling well are more receptive to education and ABA instruction.
  7. Follow recommendations. These recommendations are made in your child’s best interests and stem from decades of research and experience.
  8. Stay positive. Your child is in the best possible hands and has a real shot at making huge gains.