Autism in Children

Autism in Children

Autism is a growing population in today’s society. More and more parents are facing the diagnosis of Autism than ever before and it is easy to believe that they are feeling overwhelmed. There are more therapies and interventions catering to Autism now than in the past and parents can often feel overloaded with information when it comes to Autism in children.

Understanding the basics is a good place to start. Autism in Children is a spectrum disorder, this means to say that the variety and severity of symptoms can vary greatly from child to child. Autism impacts each child’s nervous system in varying degrees, this accounts for variations in symptoms and prognosis. Early diagnosis is key for effective intervention and treatment, at the Star Academy we believe that early effective intervention can greatly improve quality of life and outcomes.

In the past an Autistic Diagnosis was seen as a hopeless sentence that had no possible positive outcome. Today with Autism in Children being more prevalent than ever before it is a huge relief to say that there are more options for children with Autism and more hope than ever before. The Star Academy uses a multi-faceted Applied Behavioural Analysis approach to target all areas such as social challenges, language delays and even basic gross motor development. Applied Behaviour Analysis is based on the science of learning and uses accurate data to ensure that new skills are transferred and learnt in a systematic way. It can target many areas all at once and can be implemented in a therapy setting, school setting and every day life. By targeting all these areas in therapy the outcome is a holistic development that focuses on what the individual needs instead of what the outcomes should be according to a rigid therapy structure.

Allowing for flexibility within therapy allows for a greater understanding of each child’s areas of strengths and challenges. It allows the therapy team to customise their approach and understanding of the child on different levels. Developing on their strengths and supporting challenges helps each child to achieve and experience success, which is crucial for self development. At The Star Academy we strive to have each child feel successful within their capabilities. There is also a strong focus on developing independence and autonomy which helps our children to become functioning and contributing members of society.

Autism in children does not follow a set path or guidelines. Each family’s and each child’s needs is a unique experience that will requires its own support and assistance in different areas. Working with a team of committed individuals ensures that areas of concern are addressed and common goals are reached through therapy. Many families are finding new hope and support to help them overcome their autism diagnosis.