Autism Prevalence –  2 April 2023 World Autism Awareness Day

Autism rates continue to increase and its not because we better at diagnosing. Our kids are sick and in desperate need of access to evidence based treatments for autism.

For years now, research has proven that there is a link between autism and environmental factors. We also know there is a gut brain connection which requires treatment.  The CDC Announced Autism Prevalence rises to 1 in 36 in the USA. We suspect similar statistics in South Africa.

Lack of support and caregiver burden is real for many parents raising children with autism and trying to access treatments. As the incidence of autism steadily increases we need to demand answers and no longer accept excuses for the diagnosis simply labelled “childhood autism”!

To each and every parent raising a child with autism: There is so much hope! May your child be blessed with healing and a speedy recovery. Click here to also join our parent and professional support group. Autism: Now What? and learn about treatments for autism from top professionals in the field.

Ilana Gerschlowitz