Gauteng school autistic child


Being a child with autism, they sometimes feel the need to be alone, or get the urge to run out of a classroom and onto a playground. This is not the typical behaviour of a 9 year old child, however it is typical of a child with autism and this is expertly understood by his teachers at his newly opened school in Soweto. They understand that he is unable to handle being around many people for too long and may feel the need to isolate himself.

At the school each class has around 8 students, all displaying different behaviours. The school was designed to help children from all surrounding areas that are autistic and needed case specific assistance. The school consists of different phases from early development to vocational phase which is for older students. The curriculum at the school is designed specifically for the child and does not follow the criteria of other schools. The learners are taught life skills to help them integrate within society, and academic skills which is a necessity for any child. A student in the vocational class is taught things that are meant to help them in daily life such as making a sandwich or starting a garden to teach them how to grow and maintain the growth of a living organism such as plants.

A Gauteng school autistic child faces many challenges as opposed to children in other provinces. Gauteng’s lifestyle is fast-paced and very diverse in its culture, as much as people may be highly educated, society tends to deem what is acceptable and what isn’t, like in any city. Children are meant to be ‘normal’, but what is normal to you and I may not necessarily be normal to a Gauteng school autistic child. This is why this initiative is so important and so valuable to educate everyone around them about autism and that autism does not stop one from leading a fulfilled life.

A Gauteng school autistic child also has many opportunities as it is a well-developed city with many influential personalities that are willing to help.

One of these great personalities is Ilana Gerschlowitz who is the director of the Star Academy, which is a school for autistic kids. One of the many great services offered by star is school facilitation, every day we hear of amazing stories of successes that were achieved by children at the various schools around Gauteng and other provinces. Having an autistic child in school is a blessing in its own right because they have come further than they were even a year prior to that and it show how dedicated they are to achieving greatness and succeeding in their own life.