How can I help my 6 yr old boy with Aspergers

How can I help my 6 yr old boy with Aspergers

How can I help my 6 yr old boy with Aspergers

This was a question recently asked on one of our media platforms – How can I help my 6 yr old boy with Aspergers? The reality of the fact that your child was diagnosed with Asperger’s can be life changing and can feel like a chink in your armour. But the truth is, there is hope, there is a way to help your child reach their potential and to help them live in a world full of change and environmental cues.

It’s important to understand the world of your child, to work around their abilities and create opportunities for them to learn those language, social, adaptive and executive skills that they might have more difficulty with and can lead to them having trouble in the school and social settings.

The Star Academy has Board Certified Autism Technicians who are thoroughly and comprehensively trained to custom-make a programme especially for your 6 year old with Aspergers. This programme focus on specific ways to teach all the skills that they might lack. Each lesson being taught has specific progression and everything taught is with purpose, which will make a difference in the long run for your child.

The programmes that the Star Academy focus on teaching them practical skills in different learning areas that they can generalize across settings and use in social as well as non-social settings.

In answering the question, “How can I help my 6 yr old boy with aspergers”, we feel it is important to focus on their executive and cognitive functioning. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Cause and effect are usually more difficult for kids to understand and generalize, where they are aware of the result of their actions and also predicting that different causes can have a variety of effects.
  • They can also have difficulty with identifying their emotions as well as identifying emotions in other people. They need to be able to have these skills to pick up on social ques and also to identify the reason behind their specific emotions. They also need emotional coping strategies to know how to handle their emotions as children with Asperger’s can often experience anxiety and a low mood. These skills will help them manage their emotions.
  • 6 Year old’s with Asperger’s also have an exceptional focus and narrow interest with regards to a specific topic therefore it is important to teach them about preferences and that different people have different preferences.
  • Intentions and identifying unintentional actions are also a skill that these children may find difficult to understand and understanding people’s intentions behind their actions.
  • Because of the fact that children with Asperger’s experience hypersensitivity with regards to their senses, it is important for them to have a sensory perspective taking and also understand other people’s believes, thoughts, feelings and intentions.

Solving social as well as non-social problems and to have a variety of strategies to work towards solving these problems might also be a big challenge for your child, it is important to have different strategies and to be able to be ready to solve every day problems. Therefore it is also important for these kids to know how to handle their emotions in situations where they might feel frustrated, angry or helpless.

All these skills interlink and therefore it is necessary for your child to generalize their skills across settings. Consistency is KEY for your child with Asperger’s.

We thank the parent who posed the question “How can I help my 6 yr old boy with Aspergers” and the many other devoted parents on our social media platforms.