How do you explain Autism


How do you start explaining an illness called ‘autism’ that few really understand? Mention the word ‘autism’ and you’ll get a whole range of different opinions about the word ‘autism’. Even after 15 years of searching and many discoveries later, our family is still unravelling the mystery of autism. My book, Saving My Sons – A Journey with Autism – invites you to join us on an intriguing journey through many twists and turns (and even mazes!) – in other words, the journey that eventually led us out of the stranglehold of autism. By sharing our personal experiences about reaching out to and extracting our son David from autism, we touch on what we learnt about treating autism and how to create a new ‘normal’ after autism entered our lives.

In telling our story, we share what we have gone through since autism came knocking on our door. We also discuss the details of David’s autism diagnosis and autism treatment, passing on our first-hand knowledge and experience of what it means to be the parents of a child with autism. What we’ve learnt over the years is that in autism there is only one constant – which is that each child with autism is different. As the saying goes: ‘If you’ve met one individual with autism, you’ve met one individual with autism.’

My book, Saving My Sons – A Journey With Autism, is not just about David’s story. It’s about a family with three beautiful boys, and our journey into the world of autism. This is our story of staggering heartbreak, searing honesty and, most importantly, monumental victories. The book shares information about what we learnt along the autism journey and shares how we tackled autism from a parent’s perspective. The book on autism is available on amazon and at all local book stores nationwide.