What To Do About Yeast Infection

We have battled chronic yeast (Candidasis) forever.


  • mercury toxicity
  • eating too much sugar/ starch
  • antibiotic use
  • chelation will flare yeast

How we treat it:

  • natural antifungal: Grapefruit seed extract
  • daily probiotic
  • limiting sugary foods in diet

My son’s symptoms of yeast:

  • Dark under eye circles
  • irritability
  • rashes
  • eating or wanting to eat only carbs
  • defiant behavior
  • belligerent, non-compliant when asked to do things
  • Over the years we have learned that we can’t eat sugar or too much starch. We have to take our probiotics and grapefruit seed extract.

Yeast overgrowth goes in phases where sometimes, it’s in control. Other times, we have overgrowth and oh boy, look out!

Key Motivation:

  • Yeast does eventually become easier to treat. For us that happens around 55 rounds.
  • Yeast will go away with enough chelation. For us it first disappeared around 75 rounds. Returned and then left again at 100 rounds.

The key is to treat it daily and adjust your antifungal dose as needed in response to how bad it is. I noticed we needed more antifungal on round and for a few days post round.  We also saw yeast flares following viruses like a cold. The key is stay the course, adjust as needed and keep chelating. Eventually a yeast protocol will become obsolete!

Author: Jan Martin